Readers' Choice 2024

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The Monitor Readers' Choice 2024 contest is here! Choose or nominate which local business or individual is your favorite. Cast your vote every day to support your favorites!


Vote for your Starr and Hidalgo county favorites in the different sections of this ballot. A few helpful hints:

  1. Make sure to vote in at least 20  categories for your ballot to count.
  2. You can vote once per day, so encourage your friends and come back to vote often!
  3. Enter all your votes for a section, then click Submit & Continue to go on to the next section.
  4. You can switch back and forth between sections by clicking on the section names in the menu. Once you click Submit on a section, though, you can’t go back to change your votes.
  5. If you need to leave and come back later, just close the window and register again with the same email address to continue where you left off.
  6. To submit your final ballot, you can (A) click Submit and Continue on all sections, or (B) click Finalize my Ballot.

Online voting begins July 10th, 2024.


The Readers' Choice is a promotion of The Monitor Advertising Department and represents the popular vote of Starr and Hidalgo county residents. Results are unscientific and meant for entertainment purposes only. 

No purchase is required to vote online. Only ballots with 20 categories completed or more will be counted. Obvious and suspect attempts at “ballot stuffing” will be disqualified. All decisions are final.